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Aion 7.2: [Daeva Legend Age] Now Live!!!

June 2nd, 2019 By Rinzler

il y a 6 mois

Aion: Daeva Legend Age Now Live!!!

Reforged Skills.
Upgrade Stigma.
New Cubic Stats.
Atreian Passport.
Adding New Stats.
Daevanion Skills Up.
Apostle Transformation.
Dimensional Hourglass System.
Katalam Protector's Weapon [PVP] (best stuff in the game)
Kaldor [New Version]
Katalam [New Version]
Danaria [New Version]
The Villain Gradi's Vault.
Nochsana Training Camp [Hard]
Primeth's Forge [Normal/Hard]
Benirunerk's Manor [Easy/Normal]
Crucible Spire [Lower & Middle Layer]
Stellin Development Lab [Easy/Hard]