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By registering on Eternal Aion server you are agreed with the following Rules. If you don't abide them you may receive a Warning or even a Ban.


- If you do not decide to stay on the server, your character we do not need, so therefore it will be removed !!!

- But if you decide to stay and play normally, you can will have access to certain privileges...

- Do not share accounts. Should you lose an account, because you gave the password away, we will not help you.
- Do not use hacks/exploits/glitches/moded files or any type of unwanted programs such as bots or you will be banned.
- Do not spam. This includes both the forums and in game.
- Do not scam players and/or sell items for real money, only donation items are allowed. - Do not beg for items, kinah, exp or anything else, not from GMs and not from players.
- Show respect towards your fellow players.
- Do not impersonate any staff members nor any other players.
- Do not advertise other Aion servers.
- Do not post links or directions to go to another site that has viruses, trojans or any sort of act. This also includes webpages that move on their own (such as certain Rick Roll sites).
- Please keep the flaming to a minimum.
- Do not use an automated script or program on this server.
- Do not spam skills in town.
- AP/GP Trading is illegal here.
- Please do not ask to be a GM (GameMaster).
- No character or legion may contain a name or relationship to anything related to prejudice, racism or anything that might be generally deemed offensive.
- Please read the News and Announcements, they are your friends.
- Do not exploit any bugs. If you find a bug, please report it on the forums or to a GM online. If caught abusing bugs, you will be jailed or, on repeated offense, banned.
- Please do not argue with GM's or Admins at any given time. Should you have a complaint, please post it in the respectable section of the forum in a civilized manner and it shall be dealt with.
- Racist/Offensive Names: PERMABAN. GM will have the final say.
- We do not refund any item during the beta and will not refund any item if you broke it because you weren't aware about what you were doing.

Advices for not being your account hacked nor getting scammed:

- Do NOT share your internet connection with anyone (friends/familly members included unless you're sure at 4000% they don't know anything about Aion & do NOT play at it.)
- When you create an account, make it very hard. E.g. for the ID: Imn0tg0nn4g3t$c4mm3d and for the PW: il0v3b4nn4n4$ or something like that and also NEVER USE A CHAR NAME WHICH CONTAINS YOUR ID OR PW!!!!!
In case of an account loss because you did not follow ALL of these advices, we will not provide any support regarding the issue. IMG

Eternal Aion Staff © 2009-2016

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